April 22nd 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day is a global day to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage people to take action. With us all having to spend more time at home at the moment, we thought we'd share some ideas for how you can do your bit to help the environment without even leaving your house, plus we have a fun Earth Day activity for you to do as a family!

Switch off!

Make sure you're not using more electricity than is necessary. If you notice that some lights have been left on, switch them off. Try unplugging your devices when you've finished with them too - this will help to save a lot of energy!

Composting and food waste

We love composting at Canalside, not only does it put our food waste to good use, it also helps to nourish the plants and vegetables we grow in our community garden. Why not research ways you can reduce food waste in your home and consider buying a compost bin?

Plant fruit and vegetables

Reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Not only will you have lots of tasty homegrown treats, but you'll also be helping the insects and other pollinators in your garden. Try downloading our Bee Activity Pack to find out how to make your own wildflower seed bombs at home!

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Become the recycling monitor in your household. Most packaging can be recycled but you can help by sorting it into paper, glass, cardboard and plastics. Try to make sure you wipe down or rinse some of the dirty recycling items before you place them in your recycling bin.

Earth Day Jar

Finally, why not have a go at creating your family's very own Earth Day Jar to celebrate Earth Day 2020? You can download the instructions below.

Earth Day Jar