Here at the Canalside Heritage Centre we want as many people as possible to discover the rich and fascinating heritage of our local waterways. These amazing stories are told at the Heritage Centre but you can also find out more here, just click on the videos below.

Nottingham and Beyond

The beginning of the Industrial Revolution is intricately linked with the establishment of the canals, both of which had an enormous impact on the local landscape and how people lived.

Narrow Boat: How one man's journal helped preserve our waterways

Following the decline in the use of the canals for industry, the focus shifted in the 20th century towards preservation and use for leisure activities. This is, in no small part, down to L.T.C Rolt's writings of his journey along the waterways of the Midlands.

Bendigo: The Nottingham Jester

The Beeston Lock area has been home to many characters, none more notable than William 'Bendigo' Thompson, the most famous boxer of the Victorian era.