We are taking part in this year's #MuseumShopSunday on Sunday 29th November. Whilst we are unable to hold the usual event in our on-site gift shop, between 9am and 9pm on our online shop, you'll find exclusive special offers on a range of local products. We will also be giving out 15% discount vouchers to all Click & Collect orders placed during the online event, which can be used at the Heritage Centre on your next visit!

Museum Shop Sunday is an annual event which celebrates the wonderful shops which play a vital role in helping arts, cultural and heritage attractions to survive and thrive. Run by the Association for Cultural Enterprises, the campaign highlights the unique gifts available at the museums, galleries, libraries and other venues up and down the country that sit at the heart of our communities. This year it is more important as many cultural sites are experiencing reduced visitor numbers and the effect of lockdown closures. 

Here are three reasons to support us this year for Museum Shop Sunday:

  1. Buy unique giftsGot a friend or family member who's really into something very specific? There's probably a museum or institution for it. Why not get them a thoughtful gift from a cultural shop?
  2. Support local businessCultural shops work closely with small businesses and artisan makers. They're also a local business in their own right. Support your community by buying from a cultural shop instead of a large online retailer.
  3. Protect cultureWhen you buy from a cultural shop you are directly supporting the work of the cultural institution you buy from. In this wild and unpredictable year, buying online from cultural shops is a great way to protect culture.

Unfortunately, due to the national lockdown, our on-site gift shop is currently closed. However, you can find most of the products we sell on our online shop, as well our Canalside Hampers and Christmas gift boxes. Visit our online shop here: https://www.canalsideheritagecentre.org.uk/shop 

Shop and support local makers this Christmas🎁