The Canalside Garden

It's now mid-autumn and fast approaching winter. The days are shorter and getting colder, and as many think, time for gardens to lay idle and wait for spring. 

Autumn is a busy time in the garden at the Heritage Centre though, with plenty of jobs to do. We are now cutting plants back, some to the ground, to protect them from the cold and frost during the winter months to come. Tubers and corms are also being lifted, dusted down, and stored for replanting next spring. We also need to prepare the soil for next year, replacing the goodness the plants have taken. This is done by using home produced peat-free compost and mulch and also applying safe and natural fertilisers. 

Most of the trees and perennials in the garden are now dormant, allowing us to cut them back and move them if necessary. This will let the plants establish themselves over the winter.

Autumn and Winter Tips

Following the hot and dry lawns should have been scarified, aerated and fed by now. Not to worry if this hasn't been done as a light feed and rake will suffice, with a thorough work over in the spring. Remember to also feed again in the spring.

If you are lucky enough to own a greenhouse, now is the time to insulate it to protect the tender plants from frost, but do thoroughly clean the greenhouse before insulating to prevent any disease developing. Jeyes Fluid is good for this.

Midwinter is a good time to take root cuttings from your perennials, the plants are very dormant and it will increase your stock holding. Another useful thing to do over the winter is to service, sharpen and oil your tools so that when spring arrives you are all set to go.