A.R. Dance - The Chilwell Ghost

Early in the 19th century certain events occurred in the village of Chilwell, near Nottingham, which for a short time made the village a centre of attention, brought the crowds flocking, and resulted in the legend of Chilwell Ghost.

* What actually happened at the Chilwell Ghost House?

* Was it really haunted as many people believed?

* Did a murder take place there and did the ghost of the murdered man return to haunt the house?

* Who were the people involved, what were their names, when were they born and when did they die?

* When exactly did these events take place - if they really did happen?

This book is the result of painstaking research by A. R. Dance into an intriguing episode in Chilwell's otherwise unremarkable history; a real life historical detective story and an attempt to solve a 180 year old riddle. It will appeal to anyone interested in local history, or who simply enjoys real-life mystery stories.

Paperback. 74 pages.