Mr Pitchfork's - Nottingham Sauce

Mr Pitchfork's Pickles - Nottingham Sauce

"The taste has a sweetness about it, combined with the fruit and the spices make it truly delicious. This sauce is made close to the location of the greatest food robbery in British history. Please send bacon sandwich?"

Nottingham Sauce is made close to where the most famous brown sauce was made by Frederick Gibson Garton who made the sauce at 2 Victorian Villas at the top of Sandon Street, New Basford, Nottingham. It was named after being seen on the table of our elected representatives meeting place.


Mr Garton did live at 47 Sandon Street in 1895. The Garton family operated a tea merchants and grocery store at 103 Mansfield Road. The original brown sauce dates back to 1875. The recipe was sold for £150.00 to the Midlands Vinegar Company due to debt, and in 1986. Mr Garton's son told the Nottingham Evening Post that acquiring the sauce recipe was the total intention of the Midland Vinegar Company. It also acquired other recipes from Mr Garton, who then banned the sauce from the house. , His son's nickname at school was H P.


When production moved oversees a retired police officer protested on the factory roof in Birmingham, and an MP brandishing a bottle of sauce during Prime Ministers Question time unsuccessfully tried to get it banned from the Houses of Parliament. 


Enjoy the sauce.