Ethel & Co - Candle 120ml - Earl Grey & Cucumber

120ml Amber Jar Candle - Earl Grey & Cucumber. Handmade Coconut Soy wax candle from Ethel & Co.

Burn Time Approx 20 Hours

"Made from black tea, bergamot and citruses.  The composition opens with apple, bergamot, jasmine and aquatic notes, with cucumber, angelica and davana in the heart, on the base of vanilla, beeswax, cedar & musk."

"The formula for our range of cocosoy candles is simple: 100% cocosoy wax, fragrance oil, and a cotton/paper wick.  The fine fragrance oils used in our candles are made of a blend of both naturally and synthetically developed ingredients"

"We choose to work with cocosoy wax for a variety of reasons.  We love that it's a renewable resource and carbon neutral. We love that it burns cooler & more cleanly - and better yet - for a longer period of time than paraffin waxes!  We love the way cocosoy wax smells mixed with a good fragrance.  And mostly, we love working with cocosoy because it's a natural and non-toxic product.  Ethel & Co. candles use 100% cocosoy wax - we do not blend with paraffin or other vegetable waxes".

Vegan friendly.

Also available in a 60ml jar.